Friday, January 22, 2010

Be ready at Ten O'Clock

I'm coming by with the Ark to pick you up. Be ready at Ten O'Clock. For those of you readers who are not in or from Arizona, five days of rain is a big deal here. Sounds incredibly silly to think so, I know, but...listening to the radio yesterday and some school districts let the children out early, some were talking of closing down, people were cautioned to stay home if they didn't need to be anywhere and to exercise extreme caution while traveling the roads. The rain is wonderful...I am keeping my front door open just so I can hear it better and so the dogs can watch it, they really like it also. But there are only so many parts of the earth that will absorb it (rain) here. All my friends have leaky roofs. Think about it, the only time you know you have a leaky roof is when it rains and if it doesn't rain hard but once a year, then you don't know until it's leaking on you and then you can't fix it because it's raining. Then when it dries, you can't find the leak. Dear Husband got up on a friend's roof yesterday and said that it was spongey. Scared me to death the thought of him up there on soggy particle or chip board. Maybe even plywood but that didn't help my anxiety about it. And how about those winds last night? Anyone else without power last night? I have yet to go anywhere so will be interested to see if any trees went down last night. Everyone still have their roof?

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  1. Part of my roof --thankfully the underside soffit -- is missing this morning, and a few fence slats, too. 67 mph wind on and off for 6 hours. So, there's freshly blown in insulation all over my backyard, and 6 fence slats missing from the fence. But, no rain, so I won't be needing the ark today.