Thursday, January 28, 2010

Week 4

Week 4 of the drawer/shelf/cabinet/box a day challenge. Still doing it. This is huge for me. To still be doing a challenge to myself and be on week 4 of it, HUGE. The accountability is what makes the difference for me. If I have someone to report to, I mean. Same concept as Weight Watchers. So reporting into Sooz each night, and her to me, of what we've dejunked that day, it's very helpful, and has kept me going thus far. So I've found weird stuff, stuff I had forgotten I had kept and a boatload of photos that were displaced that I can organize and some day, dare I say it, get them into the photoalbum(s). I've taken one load to the thrift store so far, returned a series of books to a friend, plan on returning a box of stuff to another friend today, am one step closer to listing a few things for sale on Craig's List and am working on filling another box/boxes for another trip on Sat. to the Thrift store. Slowly, change is happening around here. You can't see it yet, but in another couple of months you'll be able to. Am also working on other changes, those of the spirit and body. And I suspect that those changes will be slow also, not easily detected in a month or two but after awhile of working on them, a change will be evident.

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