Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 3

Day number three of my one drawer/shelf/box/cabinet a day dejunking challenge and it's been good. Very good. I am making wassail to get me through the task I've given myself today. I am going through a linen closet, or part of one today. So far I've found expired oatmeal, expired cookie mixes, the last of the free pasta from the deal of the century a few years back, a Mikasa frame I bought for a future wedding gift that I'd forgotten about, four plastic Walgreen's Santa plates that I had bought to put Christmas treats on for friends at a Christmas clearance for this past Christmas, I think, mini Christmas candles, a shower curtain, shower curtain rings, rugs, old towels to be used for car washing, a toilet carpet thing(that goes on top of the lid), a tri-fold picture frame that I bought at a yard sale, "Ten little Catepillars" children's book, a calligraphy kit that I bought at a yard sale, photo albums, tons of tablecloths and napkins that I never use and binder rings. It all makes perfect sense to me why they would all be in the closet that I've alloted to linens.

Some of the other things I've found this week in the towel cabinet:

Light bulbs I've forgotten about
Expired Chex mix
Expired granola bars
A bag of nugget truffles that was disgusting but that the 17 yr. old eating machine ate anyway
Prego spaghetti sauce with meatballs
paper tablecloths
white napkins I forgot I had

And the piece de resistance (or whatever, however that's said or spelled):
little baggies of my kid's baby teeth that I found in a sock drawer. With Sharpie pen writing on the baggies with the date that the teeth came out. I told myself that I was being a good mother when I bagged them.

Why I was keeping the last items is probably most funny or disturbing, however you tend to look at things. However, I did not find any umbilical cords in baggies in said sock drawer. Not yet anyway.


  1. I so need to do what you are doing and go through my drawers and cupboards. And just so you know you aren't alone, I've saved all my kids baby teeth in plastic baggies also. It is pretty gross, but I just can't throw them away. I feel like I'm throwing a part of them away. I'm sure they will want them someday- right?

  2. That is so funny. did you throw the teeth away? If you are undecided, ask yourself this, "Do I wish I still had MY baby teeth?" Just don't tell me your answer... :) If you still feel like you just can't put them in the garbage, Scott knows a guy that saved all of his finger and toe nail clippings in jars. Perhaps he could find a use for them.
    I LOVE de-junking my house. Filling up sacks of stuff for Good Will is such a stress reliever! Its funny that you are finding food stashed away in your linen closets.

  3. Now you know the Chex cereal and the oatmeal aren't REALLY expired.

    The world will end, but Chex cereal will remain edible.

    I feed my kids expired stuff all the time. That might explain why they are like they are.

  4. Every fall Albertsons has a General Mills promotion. I got the oatmeal and chex mix for free or nearly free with coupons. Actually when I started couponing the only extra place I had for food was in the towel cabinet so I got used to putting pasta, spaghetti sauce and cookie mixes in there. Now I have another spot that I can use. And used to be the only place that I could hide chocolate for serious cravings or bribings was up high in the towel cabinet. The deals and coupons used to be better in past years and I could get Christmas chocolates the day after Christmas for 5 cents a bag. So I would load up for the year, freezing some, hiding others. Now that my kids are taller than I am I have resorted to underwear drawers. I thought of making a necklace out of the teeth. Just kidding. Sort of.

  5. You go girl!!!!!!!!!
    2010- the year we declutter!