Friday, January 22, 2010

Menu with what's on sale for the week of Jan. 20-Jan. 26

Funny, but the rain stopped after my ark post of this morning. Now I heard it going again tonight although with not as much tempest and tossing as last night.

For this week I came up with:


1-Egg biscuit, orange juice
2-Blueberry muffin, apple juice cocktail. See Blueberry muffin recipe at sidebar
3-Oatmeal, grapefruit
4-Egg-In-The-Hole, recipe at sidebar
5-Egg biscuit, grapefruit
6-French toast
7-Oatmeal, yogurt

1-PB&J sandwich, apple
2-Pasta salad or Sesame peanut salad from the night before. Apple
3-Egg salad sandwich, cookie, pear
4-PB&J sandwich, cookie
5-Chicken wrap. orange
6-Tomato soup or chicken noodle soup
7-Leftover spaghetti

1-Pasta salad or Sesame Peanut Noodles or salad, biscuit. Recipe for Sesame Peanut Noodles at sidebar or below this post.

2-Sweet pork tacos or salad.

3-Grilled cheese sandwich, chicken noodle soup

4-Two options: Either go light and have a grilled chicken breast or go with a ham stuffed chicken breast with a cream sauce of slightly thinned cream of chicken soup over top. Add a little slice of cheese in with the ham if you want. This is good with provolone but I didn't account for provolone in the total so use what you have. Make your own chicken flavored cream sauce by adding chicken broth as the liquid in a white or bechamel sauce. Either method is fine. Serve with a canned vegetable.


6-Spaghetti and red sauce, zucchini, herbed garlic butter on hamburger or hot dog buns, toasted

7-Chicken Pot Pie, green salad. See Pie crust recipe on sidebar. I did not put potatoes and carrots on the grocery list for this. You may have some leftover from last week, but I did allow for a bag of frozen vegs from Safeway at .99 if you want. I didn't allow for the pearl onions.

Review your recipes carefully so as to get exactly what you need at the stores.
I didn't add strawberries from Albertsons but though with a biscuit and some whipped cream it might make a tasty shortcake.

Donald Duck OJ, .99 with in ad coup from Wed.
Alb. biscuits, 4/$1 with in ad coup from Wed, buy 3
Campbell's chicken noodle or tomato soup, 5/$3, buy 4 at $2.40
Zucchini squash, .69 lb., buy one lb.
Alb. yogurt, 4/$1 on the same coup with the biscuits, buy 4

Boneless skinless chicken breasts, $1.37 lb., buy 4 lbs. at $5.48 NOTE: Stuffed chicken, chicken wraps and chicken pot pie are what you're buying for
large slicing tomatoes, .77 lb.
green, red leaf or romaine lettuce, .77 NOTE: take count of who's eating at your house, you may need to buy another one at .77 extra.
Barilla Pasta, .88, buy 2 at $1.76 One for the noodle or pasta salad, one for spaghetti night

Fry's milk, $1.59, buy 2 at $3.18
Pork Picnic roast, .99 lb. Now. I allowed for it to be a big one at 9 lbs. so that would be $8.91, but the truth of the matter is, that I don't know how big they're packaging them. If they are that big, you may need to freeze some of the meat after you cook it. Or do some with BBQ sauce to be different.
Kroger Value cookies, $1.19
Quaker oatmeal, $1.88
Red Delicious apples, 3 lb. bag, $2.57
Texas grapefruit, $3.47---NOTE:you may be able to do better for grapefruit at Safeway for 3/.99, I just don't know how many are in Fry's bag of grapefruit
Hunt's pasta sauce, 10/$10, buy 1
LaBanderita tortillas, 4/$5, so $1.25
Kroger Value buns, .88---NOTE: hot dog or hamburger, you are going to make garlic toast out of them
Kroger bar cheese, $4.99
Kroger Value apple juice cocktail, $1.47
Hillshire Farms lunchmeat, ham, $2.99 NOTE: you are going to use this to stuff in the chicken breasts one night if you wanted to, but optional unless you want it for lunches
Eggs, allowed for $1.50/doz., buy 3
Kroger Value bread, .88, buy 3
Cream of chicken soup, allowed for $1.75, buy 1 if you're doing the chicken sauce on the stuffed chicken breast
Chicken broth, I allowed for .99 and think you need to buy 3. One if you are making your own chicken sauce, 2 for the sauce for the chicken pot pies. So buy according to your plan this week.
Kroger Value peanut butter, have allowed for $1.47, you need to buy 2 if you're doing the peanut sesame noodle thing. If not, just buy one
Cucumber, $1 If you're doing the peanut sesame noodle thing
greean onion, allowed for .99, if you're doing the peanut sesame noodle thing
salsa, allowed for $2.50 if you're doing the sweet pork thing
canned vegetable, allowed for .99

Blueberries, .99
Safeway frozen vegs., .99 this is for the chicken pot pie

broccoli, .69 lb.
Bartlett pears, .77 lb., buy 3 lbs. at $2.31
Navel oranges, .77 lb., buy 3 lbs. at $2.31

Items not on the grocery list:
brown sugar
soy sauce
jelly or jam
pepper flakes


  1. Can you post the Sesame Noodle Recipe? The link didn't work and I can't find it on your site. THANKS!!!

  2. So sorry for the problem. I am trying to revamp the recipe section and the salad was listed just under salads. I will post it for you.