Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sloppy Joes

I have to tell you how easy this was. I needed something quick to prepare that could simmer in the crock and be ready when we came home starving so that we could eat. I was at the store and thought, "I'll make Sloppy Joes!" So I veered the cart and headed over to the aisle where the Manwich was. It was even on sale. Then I started to think that I didn't need to pay extra money when I already had the ingredients for this at home. Here is what I did:

I took some ground beef out of the freezer that I had already browned off before freezing. That went into the crockpot frozen.

I squirted enough ketchup to cover the ground beef, kind of. Use less if you want, the crockpot will cause the liquids to be more.

I added a half of a diced onion, I even par cooked it in the micro first

I added some dry mustard, I couldn't find any yellow mustard in the fridge and I was in a hurry. But I think that I now like the dry mustard in it better.

I added some worcestershire sauce

I added some brown sugar

I added some garlic salt

I added some salt

I put the lid on and left it on low for 2 hrs. Stirred it, tasted it, adjusted the taste with more of the above ingredients if needed, then served with toasted hamburger buns and potato chips. Easy peezy.

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