Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Week 3

Week number three of the box a day challenge and I now remember why I hate to go through boxes. But I am making good headway today on three boxes after not doing anything on Monday and Tuesday. It's still a very good thing.

I failed to mention on the Flowbee post that after all that figuring of the savings of doing your own haircuts that I don't cut hair. I have cut hair with an electric trimmer and sometimes will trim DS's hair with a scissors but choose to currently not cut hair with the electric trimmer. Not after the electric trimmer fiasco of two years ago when I put a divot in the back of DH's head and we had to sit on the back row of church for a month until it grew back in. But you will do better than me if you choose to start cutting hair for the men in your life. Just a word of advice, don't say "Uh-oh" while you're doing it. Or you can, just to cause a little anxiety for the fun of it.

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