Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Week 2

Week number two of the clean a shelf/drawer/cabinet/box a day challenge and it's going well. Well, I survived a minor glitch through the weekend when I froze on decision making and had the contents of one linen closet on the kitchen table for 3, no, 4 days. But I am back now. And I didn't do it Monday, so I did two spots today. Now to put the Christmas decorations back in their boxes and away for another year. A different task completely from this challenge. So today I threw out 3 year old cereal and crackers from a shelf on my pantry. And also threw out an odd bag found of Cheerios. And found Teddy Grahms I didn't know we had. My daughter was delighted and so as they sat on the counter waiting for a decision as to whether I thought they were still edible, she ate them. I come from a long line of savers and hoarders so any accomplishment, however little it may be, is a victory in this area.

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