Sunday, January 17, 2010


Our Stake President told my kids, who were in a meeting with a bunch of other kids, that by using this, he was able to finance two of his kids on missions. And my friend said that he has used it for 18 yrs.

I love that it's a "refreshing vacuum haircut". That cracks me up every time I read it.

So ever the skeptic, I tried to figure out how this gadget could be responsible for sending two kids on missions. Which, by the way, if you are not LDS, now cost $300 or $400/month, for two years. So if it's the latter figure, $400 (I can't remember, senility has set in, don't you know), that's $9600 for two years. If it was $300 per month when his kids went, then that is $7200 for two years.

So let's just say that each man's haircut is $15. And let's just say that you get your hair cut, if you're a man 8 times per year. That's $120 per year. Let's say that there are five male heads in your family getting haircuts 8 times per year. That totals $600 per year. Six thousand dollars for ten years and $10,800 for 18 years. Now I'm not sure how many male heads were in their household and if the female heads are even having the flowbee used on them, or even how much missions cost when his boys went. But I am amazed. We think when we buy something or get a service, that "It's only $15". Look how things add up. Look how things would add up if you saved $600 a year for something spectacular.


  1. Hello, Budget Menu Lady! I have enjoyed your recipes (mmmm....Beef Teriyaki Kabobs) and it cracked me up to see this post yesterday because my company sells a similar product with no vacuum cleaner attached called the AirCut ( which we've sold since August and people LOVE how much money they save with it. It's true that for girls with long hair over 4" something like this may not be practical, but for moms of boys and men, we've gotten a huge positive response. Thanks for listening and keep up the great blog!

  2. If you click onto "aircut" on the first comment, it will take you to the Aircut blog or website with more information about it.

  3. This post makes me laugh. It just does. 5 males in a household! Getting one haircut a month each! Yep, that'd be costly enough to designate a soup bowl for the cause.

    Now, imagine 5 females in a household, purchasing one mascara a month each...solve THAT problem and you've got the next millionaire maker.

  4. Susie, care to field the mascara question/solution? I know that Ulta coupons might be part of the answer.